Mustang Region

Mustang is one of the remotest areas of Nepal and is also known as the last forbidden Kingdom of Nepal. In the ancient time when Mustang was an independent kingdom, Jomsom used to be its capital but currently, Jomsom is the headquarter of Mustang region which is also the starting point of entering the former kingdom of Lo.

Mustang Region comprises Upper Mustang and Lower Mustang. Upper Mustang area starts after crossing Kagbeni and a special entry permit is required to travel beyond this area. There need to be at least two travelers traveling with a government-licensed guide in order to cross Kagbeni. However, this rule is not mandatory for trekking in Lower Mustang area.

Upper Mustang Trek
17 Days 16 Nights
Muktinath Trek
9 Days 8 Nights
Lower Mustang with Lupra Village Trek
10 Days 9 Nights